Shampoo Making Machine

Shampoo making machine is liquid soap mixer, applied for stable homogenizing and emulsifying, with high shear homogenizer, it can help to achieve even and delicate high quality liquid washing products.

It will achieve highest emulsification effect under vacuum treatment conditions.  Under the condition of homogenizing turbine and vacuum status, the users can get high-quality effect of emulsifying and mixing. Shampoo making machine Model HY series of mixer works extremely well on performance of ensuring High-quality finished products. Customize different function based on different formula requirements.


Product Description
Product NameHommogenous Mixer
Voltage380v 50hz customized
Top Stirring5.5kw,60rpm,speed adjustable with inverter
Bottom Homogenizer 15kw,2900rpm
Motor brandSiemens
Heating None(electric/steam heating can be added)
Material3 layers stainless steel 304/316
Support customizationTop homogenizer,Stirring type,Power,Heating Method,transfer pump
Combined mixer,Sealed or half open lid
AccessoryPlatform/control box/hose
shampoo making machine

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