Liquid Mixer Tank
Liquid mixer tank  is used to make or mix liquid and powder,produce final liquid products.
The mixing tank is made of food grade stainless steel 304/316 material.
As one of HY liquid mixing machine series, this model is single layer with simple stirring.
As a kind of vessel that can perform stirring, mixing, blending,can be also added with heating and homogenizing  fucntion.
 Function be customized according to different requirements of production processes, different structures and configurations can be designed, and standardized and humanized production can be satisfied as well.




Product Description

Stainless steel mixing tanks can generally fall into three categories in terms of the structure:

1. Single-layer structure. Without jacket, it can realize internal coil heating or cooling, or the electric heating tube can be directly inserted into the mixing tank for heating.
2. Dual-layer structure. With jacket, it can carry out the heat conducting oil circulating heating, water circulating heating, steam heating and other heating modes. According to the heating temperature, the electric heating can be chosen if there is no steam boiler, and the water bath heating can be selected if the temperature is required to be no more than 100℃. This structure doesn’t have the insulation layer, so the thermal is volatile.
3.Three-layer structure. With the rock wool or polyurethane (PU) insulation layer and 2mm stainless steel coating, a mixing tank is elegant.


Product NameLiquid mixertank
MotorBrand siemens motor 
Capacity500L (customize 50-5000 liters)
Materialsingle layer stainless steel 304+contact 316
Control methodElectric button control
DischargeSide butterfly discharge
Frequency converterDetal frequency converter 
Voltage220v 50hz (customized)
Stirring typeBlades stirring;frame stirring;wall scrapers stirring
Stirring speed0-60rpm.customize maximum 128rpm

Manufacturing Shops

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CE certificate

Packing & Delivery

As a professinal supplier,we also have professional packing team. In order to keep safe during shipping,we will pack with film first,then protect with wooden case. The machine foot will be fixed to keep stable,the outer layer will be used with paper or foam to avoid damage. You can rely on us!


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