Hydraulic Lift Disperser

Hydraulic lift disperser adopts hydraulic lifting system,this lift dispersing machine is mainly for different viscosity slurry liquid raw materials for grinding, dispersing, emulsifying, mixing, through the dispersion plate up and down,with the high speed operation.It is an efficient equipment for mixing, dispersing and dissolving paint and other solids.

Hydraulic disperser machine is widely used in the mixing, dispersing and dissolving process of paint, ink, pigment, adhesive and other chemical products. The Lifting disperser mixer with different stirring type optional. 


Product Description
Product NameHydraulic Lifting Dispersing Machine
Voltage380v 50hz customized
Power11kw 15kw 22kw
Motor brandSiemens
With inverterSpeed variable
Homogenizer speed1400 rpm
Support customizationStirring type(blades/disperser/homogenizer)
Drive methodHydraulic
Descrioption hydraulic disperser

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