Dispersing Machine with lifter

Dispersing machine is a high speed mixer with automatic lifter driven by pneumatic or electric.

The dispersing mixer is  a quite convenient machine in industrial production ,suitable for a variety of mass industries such as oil,paints, inks, paints, pigments, daily chemicals, pesticides, food. It is an automatic machine for dispersing and mixing solid and liquid materials.

The high speed mixer consists of five parts: pneumatic system/electric, stirring motor, stirrer, guiding mechanism and electric control box. The parts are compact and reasonable. The dispersing blades type can be customized according to a process.


Product Description


Industrial Lifting Mixer   


AC 380v/50hz (customized)  


2.2kw (4kw 5.5kw 7.5kw)


1400rpm (customized)

Stirring type

Disco plate 


Full food grade stainless steel 304

Lifting system

Pneumatic or electric drive

Lifting height

110cm (customized)

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Manufacturing Shops

Guangzhou Yuanyang Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. specializes in  producing whole-set equipment for daily chemical, cosmetic, chemical, food and other industries.Since its foundling, our company has accumulated more than ten years of experience in machinery manufacturing and formula processing, capable of meeting various demands of customers. Our  main products include RO reverse osmosis water treatment series, vacuum homogenizing emulsifier series, homogenizing mixer series, paste bottle filling machine, paste bag filling machine, sealing filling machine, cap-locking machine, labeling machine, printing machine and laundry powder production, packaging series and other whole set of equipment.



Guangzhou Yuanyang Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. Holding the principles of surviving by quality and developing by reputation, Yuanyang Machinery provides customers with various services including design, customization, installation, maintenance, technical improvement support, technical consultation, etc.   In order to ensure investor’s interests and create good social benefit, our company provide free skill training and a chain of auxiliary installation and turnkey services. The machines are verified by CE,GMP standards,meet European requirements.

CE certificate

Packing & Delivery

As a professinal supplier,we also have professional packing team. In order to keep safe during shipping,we will pack with film first,then protect with wooden case. The machine foot will be fixed to keep stable,the outer layer will be used with paper or foam to avoid damage. You can rely on us!


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