Cream filling machine

Cream filling machine is a kind of hopper filling machine developed by our company for filling thick or vicous materials.

The cream filler machine can have hopper filling or self-preming filling as option. The cream filler is with food grade contact materials,widely used for cosmetic and food industry. The filling speed is fast, up to 1500-1800 bottles per hour,self-priming of material or put mateirals hopper to fill. Especial visscous materials,better to use a hopper.

5 grams of unlimited filling, with anti-drip filling head, accurate quantification.
the whole machine brand original, Airtek pneumatic, Delta PLC, touch screen.
Polishing fine treatment, all materials sus304/316, with visible plexiglass cover, can always observe the internal working state, equipment operation can ensure that the whole machine without a trace of shaking.
The use of a wide range of filling materials, servo motor control, stable and trouse-free, can be equipped with automatic feeding function, long service life, to the factory without debugging can be used.



Product Description

1.The machine is made of imported mechanical parts,piston,cylinders, stainless steel.
2.The aluminum prominent imported parts and outstanding mechanical design ensure its leading position among other similar machines in China.
3.The machine is light and convenient with brand new vertical design and automatic material drawing,removing the trouble of frequent feeding of the vertical material hopper.
4.Manual and automatic mutual switching function,When the machine is under the “automatic”status,the machine will automatically carry out continuous filling according to the set speed.When the machine is under the “manual”status ,the operator steps on the pedal to realize the filling .If the pedal is always stepped on without releasing,the machine will change into the automatic continuous filling status.
5.The material cylinder and tee parts adopt handcuffs type connect ,which can be conveniently dissembled and assembled without the need of using any special tools.Therefore ,the cleaning is very convenient .
6.Leakage proof filing system .During the filling,the cylinder makes upward and downwards ,the closure head will move downwards,the valve will be opened and the system starts to fill the materials.When the cylinder moves upwards,the closure head will move upwards,the valve will be closed and the filling will be stopped,so that leakage and wire drawing are prevented.


Product NameCream filling machine
Voltage220v 50hz customized
Filling speed20-60 pcs/min
Filling range5ml-unlimited
Drive methodServo motor and gear pump
Control methodPLC touch screen
MaterialStainless steel 304+ sus316
Hopper capacity30L (customized)
Filling wayautomatic or pedal
AccessoryScrews/sealing rings/spare nozzles

Manufacturing Shops

Guangzhou Yuanyang Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. specializes in  producing whole-set equipment for daily chemical, cosmetic, chemical, food and other industries.Since its foundling, our company has accumulated more than ten years of experience in machinery manufacturing and formula processing, capable of meeting various demands of customers. Our  main products include RO reverse osmosis water treatment series, vacuum homogenizing emulsifier series, homogenizing mixer series, paste bottle filling machine, paste bag filling machine, sealing filling machine, cap-locking machine, labeling machine, printing machine and laundry powder production, packaging series and other whole set of equipment.



Guangzhou Yuanyang Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. Holding the principles of surviving by quality and developing by reputation, Yuanyang Machinery provides customers with various services including design, customization, installation, maintenance, technical improvement support, technical consultation, etc.   In order to ensure investor’s interests and create good social benefit, our company provide free skill training and a chain of auxiliary installation and turnkey services. The machines are verified by CE,GMP standards,meet European requirements.

CE certificate

Packing & Delivery

As a professinal supplier,we also have professional packing team. In order to keep safe during shipping,we will pack with film first,then protect with wooden case. The machine foot will be fixed to keep stable,the outer layer will be used with paper or foam to avoid damage. You can rely on us!


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